Storm Music

I’m awakened by the rain hitting the window, the barker for the upcoming show. Step right up, folks! This one’s a dazzler of light and sound. The lightning takes center stage as it illuminates the sky, followed by the chorus of thundering kettle drums. One cat leaps off the bed; the other snuggles closer to my side. My husband sleeps, but I’m held captive, an unwitting, unwilling audience for this production. Do hours pass, or does it just seem that way? The endless percussion, the strobing encores? The fortissimo storm music finally ends, drifting off, pianissimo, until it’s gone. I dream then of shadows and golden light, of distant seas and far off worlds, until at last, the sun rises, waking me again, with a gentle song.

whirling midnight storms

shadows flit through worlds and minds

in dawn’s light, vanish




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This Haibun is for Colleen Chesebro’s Weekly Poetry Challenge.

The prompt words were shadow and light.

I’m also linking to dVerse, where Gayle is hosting an open link night.



60 thoughts on “Storm Music

    • My constant companion sleeps by my side, and follows me around the house. The other one, not so much. He used to run and hide at the first hint of a storm, but he’s much braver now. 🙂

      • Trixie (the older cat) is terrified of storms and perches up high somewhere at the first hint of thunder. The little one ‘with issues’ doesn’t even notice. Finbar, of course, has to cuddle up next to Maman.

      • If I had to sleep with him on a regular basis, I’d probably murder him. He’s a restless sleeper. The noise of toenails being chewed is one of the hardest sounds of all to sleep through.

      • Hahahahaha. My daughter has to tuck her dog in at night. He sleeps in a dog bed by their bed, but if my son-in-law gets up, he jumps into his spot in the bed. 🙂

      • I couldn’t stand that. Finbar doesn’t sleep all night. He gets up, stretches, shakes himself, goes for a drink of water, sniffs my face to make sure I’m still breathing, clomps into his bed, turns round and round to make it comfy, then keels over into it like a cart horse. That is usually a prelude to a bit of grooming and manicure before dozing for a bit longer. Then off we go again. It’s hellish!

  1. I LOVE your composition…and indeed it is…Opus Storm 🙂 Especially like the idea of the strobing encores. Really a wonderful way to describe a storm! Nature’s symphony 🙂

  2. Wow, Merril! That’s some show! I always get up for thunder and lightning. I love the rain as a barker and the ‘chorus of thundering kettle drums’, and the musical fade you describe.

    • Thank you, Kim. It was strange how I woke up before the storm started, but I heard that rain tapping the window. It seems more dramatic in the middle of the night, when you’ve been awakened.

  3. I could sense the eerie pre-storm feeling and then loved the circus master with his announcement! The storm was (always is) a show of light and noise.
    Although not quite stormy, I thought of the Beatles’ now 50 year’s old album, Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band and the Magical Mystery Tour songs. I guess storms can evoke rock stars, too. 🙂

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