Stones Turned: Haibun

I’m in bed thinking about the day, turning over thoughts and deeds, like stones, to see what lies beneath. Perhaps I’m looking for deeper meanings. I dream of a dead woman I never met, the ex-wife of someone I do know. She is funny, wise, and kind–vital and alive in my mind. She invites us to dinner. “Let’s dress up,” she says, “I think I’ll wear red velvet.” Perhaps she has the answers. But what is the question?


thoughts rolling in waves,

an ever-changing shoreline

doors to other worlds–

pipe dreams floating on seafoam,

or ships navigating home?


This Haibun is for Colleen Chesebro’s Weekly Poetry Challenge. The prompt words were stone and turn. I really did have this dream last night.


24 thoughts on “Stones Turned: Haibun

  1. Tags on your blog often feature other-worldly qualities, here dreams, ghosts, the meaning of life. My dreams, if I can pull them from fleeting memory, usually symbolize something I’m trying to work through. One I have written down recentlyly: a baby trying to be born. Any wild guesses as to meaning?

  2. What an excellent Haibun. It bears mulling over to find the answers to questions that have not been asked. Answers can be unruly things. Well done, Merril. ❤

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  4. I think this is fascinating, Merril! I would be curious to know, did this woman really like red? Wouldn’t it kind of feel strange to find out she did!?
    Was this woman enjoying a laugh with you? Was your time filled with kind, generous warmth?
    Parties may also hold meaning, connections or portent . . .
    Did you both have any common threads? She may be trying to reach you through time, space, life and death.
    Hopefully, you have solutions and no real weight upon your shoulders. 🙂

    • Thank you, Robin. I am often fascinated and frequently amused by my dreams. I don’t know the answers to your questions, since I didn’t know her. (I don’t want to go into the connections here in public.) As far as weight on my shoulders–well, there is that second book I need to finish. . . 🙂

      • Oh, yes! I try not to think of those unfinished (incomplete) chapters which you truly shouldn’t have to be doing yourself, Merril.
        I’ll let off a pirate’s shout of “aaarrgghh!”

      • Thank you, Robin. Those chapters are actually all completed and the manuscript is being copyedited now. It’s the second book that I’m working on now–with a co-editor this time. But in order to get the word count where it should be, we’re each also writing a chapter.

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