Tasting Traditions: Quadrille

Long ago,

a Moroccan woman made soup like this,

in Mediterranean climes

stirred spices into her pot

(here mirroring Autumn leaves)

cinnamon red and saffron gold

yellow split peas and pumpkin,

symbols of success, simmering,

signaling the turning of seasons

tasting sweetly of tradition


Pumpkin-Yellow Split Pea Soup

This is a quadrille for dVerse. Mish asked us to use the word spice—or some form of it.

I make this soup every year for Rosh Hashanah—though we’re having it a bit late this year. It’s based on a recipe from Claudia Roden, a Moroccan soup. Mine is vegetarian and spicier.  The golden color is supposed to symbolize a prosperous new year. The photo is from last year’s dinner.



45 thoughts on “Tasting Traditions: Quadrille

  1. I like that it is “tasting of traditions,” Merril. I loved the use of spices and colors together, adding to the season and the holiday.
    I probably have shared that my youngest brother tutors at a Hebrew school. He drives an hour and a half to get their every day, then again to return home.
    Also, how our family was included in my Dad’s good friends’ family holidays. Mainly, we learned of Hanukkah and went to Bar mitzvah’s for his sons. I’m not sure if we ever were invited to other holidays.
    I used to include in every month’s calendar (for at least two years on my blog) any celebration I could find of international and religious holidays. I’m not sure why I started this; but do know it was time consuming! 😊

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