Hope: Quadrille

Is it hopeless to feel hope

in the light of dawn,

or when the moon hums

her gentle song?

In the ash-filled skies

do hopeful spirits fly,

or earth-bound are they buried

in sorrow unvariegated?

Tomorrow will hope soar–

that thing with feathers, evermore?




This quadrille is for dVerse. The prompt was any form of the word, “hope.”


32 thoughts on “Hope: Quadrille

  1. Maybe it’s me and my mood today under the cloudy skies, but there is a kind of beautiful, sad, sweetness to your words today. Still, there is hope in them. ♥

  2. Bjorn beat me to it, but I too like your reference to the DIckinson’t line: “Hope is a thing with feathers that / That perches in the soul / And sings the tune without the words, And never stops at all . . .

    And enduring hope flies above the trembling elements. Thanks, Merril.

  3. There is a sense of hope when the sun comes up. I know it is not poetic but “Annie” and her “The sun will come up tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar,” came flooding into this place where I imagined the feeling might shift.

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