Tanka Tuesday–Quiet and Space

unquiet, space sings

music in silvered slipstreams

songs cast from the stars


if unheard, they still exist

drifting from eternity


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This Tanka is for Colleen Chesebro’s Poetry Tuesday. The prompt words were quiet and space. The words seemed timely to me, with the recent news about gravitational waves and colliding neutron stars.

21 thoughts on “Tanka Tuesday–Quiet and Space

  1. I didn’t know that birds see colors, Merril. I was expecting a link to scientific research but pleased to read about space who although “unquiet” is not dismayed or disquiet.
    The slipstreams of stars, some smoothly passing while others collide due to gravitational waves is fascinating news. 💫
    I like this tanka and plan on catching up later, after my dinner. Especially looking forward to your Monday Musings which always holds so much! 💟
    Just in case you are one of the people I mentioned my son’s family had their puppy escape under their fence over a week ago, rainy Sunday (10/15). . . I am still unable to drive straight home after work. I drive up and down roads hoping someone will be holding or have Aura on a leash. The police told us to continue canvassing, reminding people since she is registered, she must be turned over to pound or humane society. She “still belongs to someone else!” Hendrix asks me when I stop by, “Pup pup here?” xo

    • I’m glad you liked the poem, Robin. I’m so sorry to hear about your son’s lost puppy. Was she microchipped? I imagine your son’s family is contacting local animal shelters and vets. I hope she is found soon. I know what it is like to have a pet missing. 😦

      • They paid for the registration and to register her breed but never thought that she would go under the fence. . . They have a mutt who was a good mother named Karma and they thought the puppy would never dig since Karma didn’t. It is a shih tzu and cost a bit. Only 8 months old. . . They copied multiple pictures and stapled onto bright posters of lime green, hot yellow and neon pink. They have simple message and we went door to door for hours the first rainy, cold night. Hendrix in stroller, Landen, my DIL and I. Thanks for your concern, it has distracted me and kind of left me on edge. xo 💐

    • The one who kept her for two weeks had shaved her nearly bald. A neighbor turned them in for keeping Aura. She is still ecstatic, comes running and licked me, as their guest all over my face. Thanks, Merril!

  2. Oh, this line is splendid: “music in silvered slipstreams songs cast from the stars.” Excellent. Eternity continues… ❤

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