Books and Dreams

“There is no Frigate like a Book

To take us Lands away”

–Emily Dickinson


Books and Dreams. Merril D. Smith, © 2017

On this October day, when the sun still holds sway

over winter’s dark dominion,

and light and shadow play

over golden leaves and feathered pinion

the pages of my book glow, too,

(or at least that’s my opinion)

as if the magic’s drifting through.

I’ll travel off into space

or to an unknown archipelago,

I’ll fly, gallop, or pace–

in prose today to Moscow–

there I’ll linger, dream, and smile

and perhaps stay there for awhile

on this October day

with a book, carried away.


I had posted the photo with the Dickinson quote on Instagram, but here’s the poem to go with it. This is for dVerse, Open Link Night.






22 thoughts on “Books and Dreams

  1. I’ve been a book worm since the day I began to read as a child. I love the photo of the open book and the window open to the fresh October air…lovely autumn poem and ode to the magic of books, Merril.

  2. Lovely words and glow. I’ve always thought magic finds its way out of good books. Maybe out of bad books, too, but I don’t usually spend enough time with them to be sure. 🙂

  3. This was almost a possible “wordless” post. The open book, golden fall tree leaves and the sense of calmness was warmly pervasive. Thanks for this peaceful photo, poem and the Emily D quote. ⛴ Sail away on an autumn breeze, dear Merril. 🌫

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