The Dancers: Quadrille

The house was softly lit

the couple danced and flit

in waltzing rhythm, with delight

till late at night

(as in the past)

up the creaking stairs, they went


no matter that long ago, they’d died,

love is here, the house still sighed



This is a quadrille for dVerse. The prompt word was creak. I wrote this last night, but at 4 A.M. or so I was awakened by the house creaking from the wind storm we’re having now in anticipation of the rain that’s coming soon. It was creepy walking out in the dark this morning to get the newspaper. This creepy creaking might inspire a less gentle poem.


34 thoughts on “The Dancers: Quadrille

  1. That gave me a bit of a chill, but if you’re going to have ghosts, dancing ghosts might be best. 🙂 It’s a good time of year for creepy. The wind kept me awake a good part of the night last night. It was howling up a storm here.

    • Thanks, Robin. I could picture this couple in my mind. 🙂
      It’s been such a weird day here. I was awakened by the wind around 4 A.M. Then it just creepy windy, but kind of warm. We were supposed to get thunderstorms, but we hardly had any rain, and by early this afternoon, the sun was out and all the storm clouds have been blown away.

  2. I’m so happy for this house full of past love and dancing once again. It is a sweet little message, one which I hope most homes have within their four walls, only living in love at present! 💕


    Waking dreams, flights of fancy;
    mind’s eyes bright as phantasy,
    conjoined twins wax ecstatic.
    Tripping lightly the old fantastic,
    “To battle!” both genders cry,
    as ladies, painted, bustle slyly by,
    caught up in nature’s rapture,
    discreetly intent on decorous capture;
    while line on line of plumed hussars
    – Theirs not to reason why – give forth huzzahs.


    Musings on the mating game.

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