Wind Sighs of Dreams: Haibun

I woke to hear the wind sighing and moaning, the lonely sound of a train whistle at midnight. The house creaked, like a person turning over in bed, trying to get comfortable. The branches of the maple tree tap against the window. I try not to think of Wuthering Heights. I fall back asleep, my bed creaking like the house, as I toss through strange dreams: a woman with a mission, possibly dangerous. She may have been someone I know, in a costume, in disguise. Then there was poetry, lyrical snippets, now forgotten. Perhaps it was all an eerie visit from my muse.


Red gold trees ablaze

light flows through sun and shadow

dark-clothed ghosts hover


This Haibun is for Colleen Chesebro’s Poetry Tuesday. The prompt words were eerie and costume.




27 thoughts on “Wind Sighs of Dreams: Haibun

  1. Well done, Merril.
    Besides the colors, autumn is just a different beast, all around – darkness encroaching and an impending winter.
    I want your leaves! (one thing I miss about the Northeast)

  2. I like the way the tree’s branches seem to be entreating one to head over to the left. The beauty of this tree is enough to please me, Merril. Then, the addition of your poetic haibun was gorgeous in it’s tree ablaze and eerie, darkly clothed ghosts. This holiday and month is full of contrasts of light and darkness.

    • Thank you, Robin. I’m glad you liked the tree. I was sitting at my kitchen table and looked up to see the darkened sky with the trees across the street just glowing. Though I don’t like the dark mornings and the earlier dark nights, I do love this autumn afternoon light. I’m glad you enjoyed the Haibun, too. 🙂

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