All We Need to Know

 If not truth or beauty

then what is the sound of the robin at dawn

as the sun rises in a swirl of pink and gold

and summer fragrance rises from the rose?

Listen to the trilling song,

the greeting of the day

proclaiming existence

and in this moment,

relish the thought of being here, too,

constant in a moment

yet mortal, mutable

in this truth, find the beauty,

this—all we need to know



Happy Birthday to John Keats (October 31, 1795—February 23, 1821).

35 thoughts on “All We Need to Know

  1. I like a new day … after all, I don’t need to be awakened with caffeine … I’m ready to go. … and cheers to you honoring Keats.

  2. Wow, this was such a beautiful poem!
    Also, it is a stunning photograph of this perfect rose. It looks velvety, Merril!
    I didn’t realize how short his life was, poor John Keats. I’m glad he immersed himself in beauty and light. So his days may have felt complete and thus, fuller. . .

    • Thank you very much, Robin.
      Yes, Keats was so young. He died of tuberculosis in Rome. (I believe his mother and maybe a sibling had also died of it.) He was engaged, but he never had a chance to marry.

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