11 – 12

Freya chose a few of my haiku for her “Monster” series. Here is the first one.


Charcoal clouds glower
swallow sunshine, hope, and joy
autumn’s glow is gone
Merril D. Smith 2017

Merril D. Smith is a historian and poet, sometimes at the same time.

This haiku haunted me from the first reading and introduces the “natural” monsters that inhabit our world.
This haiku is part of my MONSTER series.

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8 thoughts on “11 – 12

  1. This really expressed the grumpy, rainy clouds which hung darkly actoss the skies the past two days. . .
    I’m seeing still the fire bushes’ bursts of red but all the oranges and yellows are gone. Those brown leaves and skeleton branched silhouettes are being left to carry us into winter. Merril, congratulations on being chosen to be featured on Freya’s series. I’m going over to comment. . .

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