Under the Druid Moon: Yeats Challenge, Day Eleven

This poem is for Jane Dougherty’s A Month with Yeats Challenge, Day Eleven.

Here is today’s quotation:

“Where time is drowned in odour-laden winds
And Druid moons, and murmuring of boughs”

I was dreaming of the ghost in the movie A Ghost Story that my husband and I saw earlier this year. I wrote about it here.


I dreamt last night of a ghostly figure

hovering in the air, floating, lost in time,

his silent presence, growing ever bigger

echoing, echoing, like a chime.

What mysterious moments has he seen

while drifting through star-glimmered winds

worlds, ancient, or untouched and pristine?

Or is he here only, stuck, to one spot pinned,

waiting, watching  for something new to begin?

A quiet sentry, under a Druid moon–

was he born too late, or did he die too soon?





13 thoughts on “Under the Druid Moon: Yeats Challenge, Day Eleven

  1. I like how you asked open-ended questions, pondering upon the ghosts of past, present or future, lingering and making themselves “known” to those open to their messages, Merril. Sweet, not foreboding. . .
    I should post a picture of one of Randy’s paintings of the lake house. It is where in the very impressionistic waves, mom sees an ethereal ghost or spirit on top of the foam. Or I could send it to your email or phone? (I post all of my pictures from phone to posts. . .) She also “hears” the spirits, at times. ❤
    Mom would love this poem. If I gave it to her to read (like she did for Luanne’s “Doll God” book, we collaborated on our review) she would tell me her impressions. 🙂

    • Thank you, Robin. You are a good friend to read all of these post and to leave such detailed comments!
      The ghost in the movie, also, was not scary. I felt like he was sort of sad.
      My e-mail address is on my blog: merrildsmith@gmail.com I don’t want to post my phone number. 🙂
      Let me know if your mother likes the poem!

      • I’m not quite caught up but playing Go Fish with the M & M girls. We drew our dream homes floor plans and last night, read Beatrix Potter and watched “Miss Potter.” I love this movie, cry in middle but there is so much meaning in her life’s work. She not only used a female author name as well as her making a lot of money, donating 4000 acres to the British Land Trust fund, still kept as preserves and parks. 🌳
        Thanks for reminding me of your email being on your site! 🙂

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