Different Definitions of Great: Shadorma

This is a shadorma for Eliot of Along the Interstice’s November Shadorma Challenge, using Secret Keeper’s Writing Prompt words:



Different Definitions of Great

Morning star

sings a song of peace,

the words drift

unheard as

swamp-dwellers make greedy deals,

children go hungry





12 thoughts on “Different Definitions of Great: Shadorma

  1. Children need food, water,clothing and housing. Guns, weapons of mass destruction are Not what I envisioned while engrossed in the Vietnam War and skirmishes ever since. . . forty or more years later, we are standing still looking at death once again. . . If only we would learn. 🕊 (“When will they ever learn?” is a line in one of the folk songs we sang at Give Peace a Chance rallies on college campuses across the country. . .) ❤

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