The Immigrants: Quadrille

They journeyed–

sharing quarters with livestock

and worldly goods,

battered and buffeted

by wind and waves,

sailing through salt spray

under sun and shimmering stars,

the ship a speck in the vast sea-space

rocked them

sometimes gently, sometimes furiously,

rocked them into the unknown


This is a quadrille for dVerse. The prompt was “rock.”






39 thoughts on “The Immigrants: Quadrille

  1. Excellent. Those poor immigrants. I think of my ancestors coming over by ship in the 1700s. What a trip that must have been! Small ship crammed full of people and animals, all the stuff they had to bring with them…boggles the mind.

  2. We can only imagine the hardships of these journeys to the new world. We are blessed from their courage. Nice take on the prompt word. Thanks for joining in!

      • LOL, no I didn’t forget that you are a researcher, Merril! Yes, much different–and far out of the “comfort zone” of American history. Another connection we have: my PhD in literature focused on American literature and one of my research areas was “history and theory.” Yup.

      • Yup! 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving, Luanne.
        My younger daughter and I broke up bread for stuffing this after and watched the episode of the Gilmore Girls where Kirk plays Tevye in the grade school production of “Fiddler on the Roof.” 😉

      • When she was in ninth grade, but just a small part. (Long story.) My older daughter was the stage manager, I think. The boy who played Tevye is very talented, and he’s now a professional opera singer.

      • Oh wow! And so cool about stage manager. Yeah, my daughter had a tiny part in 9th grade, too. She wanted Chava, but that went to an older girl and she got ensemble, but it conflicted with dance production and she was a choreographer, as well as an advanced dancer, so she ended up just doing the bottle dance. They did not cheat at that dance either–real bottles, no gimmicks :). I think her dad still has the Tshirt from that show.

  3. I love that last line, Merril. I have never experienced Thanksgiving and it isn’t celebrated here. I think many Brits feel ashamed for what the settlers did to the native Americans. I wonder what it would be like if nobody had settled the American continent.

    • Thank you very much, Kim. Some Native Americans celebrate Thanksgiving as a day of mourning. I like to think of Thanksgiving as not the commemoration of the 1620 feast, but rather a day to celebrate things we are grateful for.
      In the poem itself though, I was thinking about immigrants throughout time.

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