The Swans: Yeats Challenge, Day 22

I’ve been busy getting ready for Thanksgiving. Wishing all of those who celebrate the holiday a very Happy Thanksgiving. 

This is for Jane’s A Month with Yeats Challenge. Today’s quotation:

 “I wander by the edge
Of this desolate lake
Where wind cries in the sedge:” —W.B. Yeats


I wandered by the shadowed lake,

desolate it seemed at first,

till a swan glided there and took

a sip to slake his thirst.

Soon after that, his mate sailed to him,

the two swam side-by-side

a lover’s dance, in evening dim

across the lakeside wide,

but with moonlight the sky turned brighter

together then, they spread their wings and gracefully took flight.

Their feathered bodies seemed larger and whiter

against the blanket of indigo night,

and though I’ve traveled, often far,

this is the memory that comforts me

when hope seems lost to faultless stars

I think of the swans on that moonlit night–and I feel free.


Caspar David Friedrich, “Swans in the Reeds,” [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Caspar David Friedrich, “Swans in the Reeds,” [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons



19 thoughts on “The Swans: Yeats Challenge, Day 22

  1. I like this pretty image of the swan pair rising up, white spread wings against the midnight blue sky. It was nice how you expressed the ending and how no matter how far you go, this image in your memory brings comfort. ❤

  2. Their white feathers and graceful necks are some of what draws me to them.
    One of my youngest daughter’s favorite movies has swans in it, “The Notebook.” James Garner and Gena Rowlands play the elderly couple, you may have seen this rather melodramatic movie. (?) It reminds me of our saga era of “Dr Zhivago” and “The Thornbirds.” It has good elements about dementia and love; but I sob at the ending where the wife doesn’t recognize the husband.

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