Hope Soars and Sings: Yeats Challenge, Day 30

This is for the final day of Jane’s wonderful A Month with Yeats Poetry Challenge. It has been glorious. Thank you, Jane! I wanted to end the month on a hopeful note–a bit different from my last couple.

I’m also linking this to the dVerse Open Link Night. 

 Today’s quotation from Yeats:

 “And I shall have some peace there, for peace comes dropping slow,” —W.B. Yeats


In my dream, I soar with the gulls

adding my laughter to their own,

as I fly higher and higher away from home,

riding the waves of the infinite sea

floating weightless, drifting far, content to be

just there, a speck, a spot within the shimmer

lightly gliding amongst stellar glimmer

as the stars sing their songs and the moon hums along.

Then dropping slow, I wake at peace upon my bed,

(bits of stardust still glint softly on my head),

at home with you, now earthbound me,

and I rejoice to hear a sound, the robin’s voice

greeting the rosy sun, the light of day now just begun

hope sings and floats with feathered wings

and rises strong at dawn from the maple tree.





46 thoughts on “Hope Soars and Sings: Yeats Challenge, Day 30

  1. Soaring and singing are hopeful words, a great flourish to your superbly productive month of November. Congratulations – so proud of you, Merril! I caught the wispy reference to Emily Dickinson near the end.

    And I put “bits of stardust” on my Christmas tablescape this afternoon.

    • Thank you for your kind comment, Marian. It’s been a fun, creative-charging challenge.
      Yes, a bit of Emily. 🙂
      I imagine I’ll see a photo of your “bits of stardust” at some point!

  2. I can’t help gushing over your poetry, Merril. It ‘speaks’ to me in such beautiful ways. I hope I can wake sometime with stardust scattered on my head. May we learn to always allow hope to sing within us, as we feather our wings. xo

  3. “hope sings and floats with feathered wings / and rises strong at dawn from the maple tree.” I would match this up against Yeats’ lines that sprouted this. Damn fine word-smithing!

  4. I wrote a long comment to this last night, when I first read this poem. For some reason, the comment didn’t make it in (WP says something about my browser? I have a browser?) :-0 Anyway, I can’t help gushing over every one of your poems. They speak to me so gently yet intensely. May hope always sing within us, Merril. And may we always fly on feathered wing.

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