The Visitor: Quadrille


Under the midnight moon

creatures shuffle, scurry,

slither in a flurry

from the shadowed form.

A sharp cry, silence punched

by dead leaves crunched

under booted foot

stepping through the old back door

over creaking floor,

the Visitor walks in–

smiles his malignant grin.



I used two dVerse prompts.  De Jackson (aka WhimsyGizmo) asked us to write a quadrille using the word “crunch.” Lillian asked us to write a poem using a form of the word, “visit.” Sorry, this wasn’t exactly a holiday-themed poem.  I should probably stop reading the news.





33 thoughts on “The Visitor: Quadrille

      • Just so. To quote from a recent comment I posted :

        “There are those who believe that the “news” is deliberately designed to keep folk depressed, anxious, fearful, prejudiced, angry or apathetic. It’s easier to control the masses that way and perpetuate the inequalities of the status quo.”

      • Hmmmm. . .I think that’s more the goal of the fake news industry that the current resident of the White House champions. I actually think it’s important to stay informed about the news through reputable sites. This past year though–I definitely have to take breaks.

  1. I love this:
    “silence punched

    by dead leaves crunched

    under booted foot”

    And am even more enamored of your use of the word “punched” here, than of “crunched.” And the combo of the two is just wonderful. This is an ominous, foreboding piece. You’ve evoked the feeling well.

  2. Good morning, Merril. The last line indicated more than the first lines did of your direction and intent. I was thinking of the super moon which was golden orange as I drove up to Cleveland on Wednesday after almost 11 hour day. The radio announced two super moons in January! 🌝
    There’s no end to malignancy. . . I was very open with my brother Randy in his hospital room, a curtain separating us. (He agreed, the “bad” men who could “take him down,” are the kind of men who embrace him.)

      • Well, some consider the ones who want to try and get rid of Trump (not us) as “bad.” We wish they could find out more reasons to impeach him. . . In all action movies, the good guys want to “take down” the bad guys. Not Merril type films, of course. 😊

      • Maybe going back is silly, Merril to this comment of mine. . . 🤔 🙃
        We feel the men who could “take the President down” (impeach, not kill) are the ones already in powerful positions in corporations or in the Senate and would not consider it now. Not while Trump is aiding and abetting companies with contempt for their workers, allowing the companies to not pay taxes. The less fortunate (households making less than $75,000) population continuing to take the brunt of the situation.
        I’m not sure if this may help (?) in understanding my first statement to Randy in the hospital while discussing the Tax Reform Bill. No worries. . . He got my intent and comment. 🙂

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