Distant Diamonds

Diamonds rain on distant worlds

through far-flung light, they’re hurled

as if in a dream, or time-stopped scheme

she sees this sight, this bright delight

sparkling glimmers in the night,

amongst them beings with feathered, icy arms

who dazzle with their unearthly charms

murmuring as they her enwound

twirling her so up is down, and all around

the sound surrounds–

the voices of the planets and stars,

and quasars hum and pulse in song,

and she wants to sing along

bewitched by time and space

but then it’s gone, this now elusive place–

yet when she hears the rain at night

she remembers the bewitching sounds, the transcendent light,

the sight of diamonds sparkling from the sky

and remembers that once she reached and she could fly



“This image of Saturn’s rings was taken by NASA’s Cassini spacecraft on Sept. 13, 2017. It is among the last images Cassini sent back to Earth.”


I’m linking this to dVerse’s Open Link. Björn invites us with the holiday spirit in mind and the winter solstice soon to come. I brought sparkly space diamonds to the party. dVerse is taking a two-week holiday break.

Yesterday was my birthday. It snowed and things didn’t quite go right, but I read that it might rain diamonds on planets such as Saturn, Jupiter, and  Neptune, and I thought how beautiful that must be.





37 thoughts on “Distant Diamonds

  1. I love this whimsical piece! I read it right after visiting Kerfe and these lines reminded me of her birdlings:

    “amongst them beings with feathered, icy arms

    who dazzle with their unearthly charms”

  2. Belated happiness, Merril. May it continue through the next year.
    The closing here makes it seem like a reminiscence, but I also get a feeling of hope – a good sign for that coming year.

  3. This was such a unique, lovely idea to feature diamonds falling from the sky upon planets, spinning far away in our Galaxy.
    I like how you included NASA’s Cassini image of Saturn’s rings.
    The female who could fly and reach once upon a time is such a great beginning. It could be a beautiful space/time travel tale, Merril.

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