Monday Morning Musings:

“Look at how a single candle can both defy and define the darkness.”

—Attributed to Anne Frank all over the Internet, but without any source that I can find


A single candle

(for miracles)

flickers in the night


joined by others

till eight in a row

they burn, and then they go

leaving only melted wax behind

and yet, perhaps I find

something, a sense of peace

in watching them increase

and we remember how our daughters

bet on which candle would stand last

one that burned not quite as fast—

lovely memories from the past.



A single candle

(for wishes)

flickers on a cupcake

IMG_4578 2

baked with love

and so sweet, delivered as surprise treat.

FullSizeRender 289

It’s a strange birthday,

things don’t quite go my way

I lose a filling, and due to the snow

we stay and home, and don’t go

to dinner and a show,

but we eat pizza and drink some wine

and it’s fine, I say,

we’ll do something another day.


Everything a bit off this week,

small victories tinged with apprehension

tension over what might come, or be

a tax bill to help the rich–

oh, if only I could flip a switch

to eradicate ignorance and greed

wish on candles and stars that people would read

would help those in need

and instead of hindering, would keep freed

thought and scientific inquiry.


The CDC, an agency, supposed to be science-based

is not supposed to use the word

it’s not to the taste

of the current administration

who would like to see a nation

without education based on facts

but the monster simply reacts

without nuance or tact, but snaps,

just twitter taps and taps and taps


We fry latkes


and when we’re through


we eat them–and donuts, too


because it’s a holiday of oil and sweets

and it’s a treat to share them with love

we eat the food and laugh and talk of–

oh this and that–

we watch their dog and see their cat

climb in search of treasure—food!

Yes, we’re in a holiday mood

as candles flicker and lights glow

FullSizeRender 290

but soon it’s time to go.


I spend the next day working

(cats around me lurking)

I have too much work to do

I sit at my computer

in a bit of stupor

but as night falls

we light the candles

and watch the shadows on the walls

from the flickering glow

I think of miracles past

(wonder if our country will last)

but let those thoughts slide

subside for a more festive mood

as we eat our Chinese food

and watch the Christmas shows

I might doze. . .



In the morning, before the dawn

I yawn and look up at the sky

and know that hope like a feather flies

and though the clouds block the stars

I know exactly where they are

I close my eyes and make a wish

I hope it flies and travels far.

FullSizeRender 293




26 thoughts on “Candles

  1. Happy birthday and Happy Hanukkah, Merril (yes, I know, I’ve wished you both already but why not celebrate again?). Maybe it’s the “miracles past” that will give us miracles in the near future. I hope your wish lands where it should and grows into something beautiful. 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday, darling Merril! ❤ I wish I could pull that switch with you 😦 Quite a few worries regarding a much different America from what we had known and loved.

    I loved your brightly lit bear and photos. In between the shadows of your thoughts, I did sense your holiday spirit of sweets and oil. Cheers and Happy Hanukkah!!

  3. This was a little how I felt my last days before driving to my “home,” Cleveland. I was at work when a crown fell out in the front of my mouth. My dentist’s last day before vacation, no openings so I called emergency dentists and none could fit me in. Walmart had super glue and dental paste, so it made it back into my front tooth position. Alas, it fell out and cracked because I craved coffee. I drank it cool, from a straw not to disturb the vicarious crown.
    Once again, I glued it into a messy shape, laughed but inside embarrassed. Randy said to wear my reindeer antlers and just “close mouth smile” until next week. I said to myself, “At least it’s not brain surgery.” Then, a planned encounter with one of Randy’s old friends, Randy (wife Kristen had cleaned my Randy’s kitchen and he had found an appropriate painting/print to wrap and give to them.) So, I opened my mouth in a happy smile and said I had become a hillbilly, no offense. “Hopefully, not too politically incorrect. . .” Then, we all chuckled since everything goes out the window in this Politically Incorrect presidency!
    Sorry, I sympathize with your own cavity filling falling out. . . This blue little jar of Dentemp has helped me temporarily with lost fillings. xo

  4. I may have said, Happy belated birthday on one post of my own. . . But we are here and I love those scarlet pink cupcakes and the beautiful story of the girls betting on which candle would outlast the others. . . 🙂🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯
    Hope your new year of activities and loved ones intertwined is a very special one, Merril. 💞 ✨

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