Winter Solstice Dreams: Haibun

Here’s another winter solstice poem. This Haibun is for Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday. She asked us to use synonyms for the words cover and precipitation.


I’m tucked under the blankets. My big-eyed, grey-striped cat is cuddled against me. Our white cat has closed both his blue eye and his yellow eye on the pillow beside me. My husband, wrapped in a green-bordered patchwork quilt, has fallen asleep downstairs in his recliner. We all dream. Our dreams are shape-shifting creatures that fly high to dance together amongst the stars. I dream of winter snow melting in spring sunshine.  In my dream, there are green fields and blue horses in a silver mist. There is a building, where inside a dark room a woman slowly chews and swallows some strips of paper. She smiles because now she holds all the secrets–buried inside her like a seed. But someday they will sprout in light, blooming flowers of truth and beauty.


Dreams reign solstice night

soothed by moon’s lullabies,

slowly, the sun wakes



Franz Marc, “The Dream,” [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

40 thoughts on “Winter Solstice Dreams: Haibun

  1. Wonderful at establishing the setting … and then the images of the dream was definitely dreamy. Very fitting for the day. Well done, Merril!

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  3. I will start here and head backwards to catch up on all three mystical and lovely poetry and musings, Merril. . .
    Hope your Hanukkah has been going splendidly and your Mom’s health also well.💞 🕎

  4. This haibun poem and tale of the dream were beautiful. It was lovely to read how you put into words this Franz Marc painting. I like how it could be depicted in words. The woman swallowing strips of paper carrying secrets was ingenious. Your Muse followed you into your sleep. ☁ 🌜☁

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