The Warmth in Winter Storms: Haibun

This is a Haibun for Frank’s Haikai challenge on winter storms. On the day of the snow “bomb cyclone,” we only had a few inches of snow, but it was very cold blustery day. In between phone calls about my mom, I made soup and baked.


I bolt the door against the raging winter winds. Outside, the snowflakes soar and drift–lost souls looking for a home. They howl and beat against the windows, but I do not let these winter ghosts in. I turn away, seeking warmth and substance, not frosty ephemera. My siblings and I talk on the phone, connected by invisible cords that close the space between us. Once my mom cared for us, now we care for her. I chop onions and sauté them till they turn golden sweet. I think time is frozen, but I realizes it bends, diverted by laughter and memories. My soul is warmed by love; my body warmed and sustained by soup and bread.


Ghosts flitter around

soup pots filled with scented thoughts–

memories linger

FullSizeRender 304








30 thoughts on “The Warmth in Winter Storms: Haibun

  1. Very beautiful. I love haibuns, and this one seems to make good use of the form. And that soup :). I hope your mom is ok, though. How is she doing, Merril?

      • Exactly. I took care of my mom as long as I could but then I had to have her admitted to skilled nursing care. Still, I visited her daily and “took care” of her there. I hope your mom mends soon and well.

      • Thanks so much! It sounds like you took very good care of your mother!
        My mom is 95, but she’s lived on her own in an independent living apartment. The goal is to get her back there–not sure if it will happen or not. 😦 There seems to be a different story every day.

      • I know. My mom lived on her own until she fell and…well….she lived with her baby sister for a bit but then I had to step in and take her here. My mom was 87. I think she would have outlived all of us if it were not for the congestive heart failure and the side effects from Alzheimer’s. They took such good care of her. Very loving people there.

  2. After not quite reading the situation well on your next (shining and humming moon) post, I find myself wishing I had started past posts, going forward. So sorry to hear this about your mother, Merril. 🙏
    I think three years of my Mom living in an assisted living area, then her pneumonia last January from wandering outside with no coat on had us completely “sold” on her going to a memory care unit. She is so much more chipper and participates in activities there. . . I hope time will improve your mother’s situation. She is such a sweetheart. ❤
    It helped me to have my siblings, too. 💞

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