How to Make Your Workout More Exciting: Haibun

So, this happened today.

I’m at the gym. Sally is going up and down, and we’re moving right along with her. Ab muscles burning; eyes yearning for time to move more quickly. We move on to squats and burpees, until we we’re quite literally saved by the bell. Yes, the fire alarm, a warning alarm with an accompanying light show. The woman who lives in one of those fire boxes tells us to exit, and so we do, though staff members continue to stand around the front desk, and no one seems particularly concerned. After ten minutes or more, a fire truck arrives, and then another. Firefighters stream in, then out again, then back in again. I finally leave without knowing what happened. But I know, Sally will be waiting. Till next time, Sally.


exit carefully

in case of emergency

talking with friends helps



Here’s the song.

20 thoughts on “How to Make Your Workout More Exciting: Haibun

    • I’m also glad no one was hurt and nothing damaged. I heard later that someone set off an alarm, but I’m not sure if it was accidental or not. The class was over halfway over, so I did get some exercise in (and back for more torture this morning). 🙂

      • Ugh, so you still had to get in the work out! I drove to my dance class this morning (thank goodness the snow is almost gone from two days of higher temps) and danced my heart out. But now? Ummm, rather sore. ;-0

  1. Wow! Quite an exciting experience, but scary in some ways, too. So glad no one hurt and fire was contained. Take it easy, Merril.
    The Haibun’s line, “talking with friends helps,” was so true. ❤

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