Resist and Persist: Magnetic Poetry

The Oracle Knows! A message for all who march today and all who support them–


Never swim to

those repulsive lies

(he is not my. . .)

a cry and chant urging us—

tongues sing together

the dream lives and soars

thousands, we will rise

in light


Screen Shot 2018-01-20 at 6.48.34 AM


16 thoughts on “Resist and Persist: Magnetic Poetry

  1. The Oracle knows much and you are her fantastic interpreter. From chaos to dreams, you are able to express meaning from tangled words.
    Rosaliene, who is a scientist, posted about her birth home country is considered one of those “****holes.” I ranted already on her post and she came back with a comment that “it isn’t us” who like what Trump (may or may not- retractions and omissions being made, as we speak) said. I know you abhor his words and thoughts, Merril!
    Others secretly hold these thoughts. Rosaliene said perhaps 50% of our country’s people echo his awful words; but not in public settings. I told her probably 93% of my co-workers say these horrible things and show emulation or admiration for Trump. Yuck!!
    I have hope but not as much as I did in the beginning of his term. May a Higher Being help us! 💞 🕊 🌐

    • Thank you for your kind words, Robin. dt has given those who hold such beliefs permission to verbalize them. My friend at the march (more on that tomorrow) said she thinks people last year were still kind of numb, but now we’ve seen what can happen and fear what could happen.

  2. Perfect and true. We are rising in light. #45’s base is shrinking to those small, shallow people who have always been with us, and who have only as much power as we give them. Unfortunately, it’s the deep-pocketed GOP donors who really run Congress at this point, and they couldn’t care less about #45’s base. I wish I was a historian and could take a long (or longer) view of things. Short-term, everything looks so bleak. But when I see young people rising up, especially in response to the tearing apart of immigrant families, I feel hope for the future.

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