Dying Crow: Haibun

This is for Frank Tassone’s haikai challenge. He asks us to write about ravens, but he also says “kangarasu translates as ‘cold crow,'”  so I’m going with that. I really like crows. When my daughters were little, there was some sort of illness that killed many crows. I knew not to touch the dying crow in my yard, and I called animal control. They collected his body at some point while I was away.


I hear the sounds of crows cawing, over and over. They have gathered in the trees around their fallen friend, as he lay dying on the ground in my backyard. I stare into his eyes, which seem to plead with me. What is he asking? How do I answer?  I want to comfort him. I wish I could. His eyes still haunt me.


windows to the soul

dying crow’s thoughts never voiced

winter without spring



Mikoláš Aleš [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons






28 thoughts on “Dying Crow: Haibun

  1. I like how you called the crow who was sick, “a fallen friend.”
    Interesting how crows do get associated with death in some cultures. It seems like Native American culture may place this bird with it’s haunting quality.
    I was on a date with a man (Jan. 7) I met through eHarmony, which I did like this man so very much. He shared his story of the death of his mother and how a crow followed him after the burial service cawing and then when he turned to look, it stared straight at him. It made him get teary eyed and I held his hand.
    It isn’t going to work out, much to my dismay. I had to share after reading this post, the memory of how I liked him, made me cry. Definitely not your fault, Merril. Our second date was awkward and I talked a little too much, giddy I suppose. Someone I know said~ “you have to be You, so don’t be sad, he just needed someone else.” You can leave this if you want or if you want to delete it you may. . . .

    • Thank you, Robin.
      I’m sorry your date didn’t work out.
      I’ve read that crows do recognize people, and that they will sometimes follow people they like or bother people they don’t like.

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