Odysseus Under the Moon: Ghazal

This is my attempt at a Ghazal for dVerse. 


Over star-glimmered waves, we journeyed and sailed under the moon.

There we bemoaned our fate, still sailing—railed under the moon.


We see the fork-tongued serpent, slither-scaled under the moon,

she, no siren, silver-voiced with hair unveiled under the moon.


From the towering giant, one-eyed, we quailed under the moon,

but scurried we, when blinded he was thus curtailed under the moon.


On blood-wine seas, the winds caught and prevailed under the moon

And what of the gods, we flattered, yet failed, under the moon?


What lands should we conquer? If heroes, we’re hailed, under the moon.

And what tales of those places to you we’d regale under the moon.


Do we return to love, or to marriages failed, under the moon?

My own wife, unconsidered, what of her travails under the moon?


Too far, too soon, the poet sleeps unassailed under the moon

to the gentle rhythm of the waves, inhales, exhales, under the moon



Carl Gustav Carus [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

39 thoughts on “Odysseus Under the Moon: Ghazal

  1. Truly a poetic masterpiece, I loved the way you crafted such mesmerising imagery with the frequent usage of under the moon. Thank you so much for sharing such a glorious post! According to your convenience please do read some of my writings would love to know what you think about them 😊

  2. I like this very much, both the inspired subject matter and the beautiful words. I especially love “slither-scaled”.

  3. What a difficult form! You managed it very well. There is so much to think about, and yet it’s like a lullaby, which creates an interesting tension between conscious and unconscious awareness. Thank you!

    • Thanks, Marian. I guess those old tales just still seem appealing to me. 🙂 I think I’ve written one ghazal before, and whenever I’ve tried it again, it just seemed too contrived. I wrote this one for the challenge.

  4. Wow! This should be in a poetry anthology, Merril. I am blown away with the beauty, depth and well turned poetic passages with rhymes of such unique qualities. I am giving you a standing ovation now. Clapping. Smiling!

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