If (We Could Fly)

If (We Could Fly)

If . . .
we could fly
through the wild universe
on shimmering wings,
kiss in clouds of fire
and watch the birth of moons–
if . . .
we could sing with the stars
with voices that surface from our souls–
if we. . .
dazzling and glimmer-garbed,
could remember these nighttime journeys–
would our silvered spirits
ever return–
glistening and luminescent,
open-eyed and wiser?

Federico Beltran Masses, “Under the Stars,” Wikipedia Commons

I wrote this poem a while ago, but I never published it. This is for Frank of A Frank Angle’s “If” Challenge. It’s an open challenge–stories, poems, essays–anything using If.Β  Check it out!


47 thoughts on “If (We Could Fly)

  1. You had me with flying through the universe … so much that I was flying, but forgot that I was looking up and dreaming. Excellent addition to the collection … Thank you, Merril!!!

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  4. I’m trying to figure out if I think the nighttime trips are in dreams or in reality disguised as dreams :). What a lovely poem! Sorry I’ve been so absent from blogging. Mom has been here and will still be here for awhile. Frankly, I’m exhausted!

    • I”m not sure which it is either, Luanne. Hahaha. But thank you!
      I hope you’re enjoying having your mom around, too. My mom is exhausting to be with now–though she never used to be. We’ve been dealing with issues with her care. I was actually thinking about you today because of a conversation (through texting) that my older daughter and I were having about ancestors. And then the other day, my sister and I were trying to figure out what my mom’s name is on her birth certificate.. . .long story. πŸ™‚

  5. Your challenge on frank’s ‘IF’ is incredible and visually fantastic poem.

    I was swimming in the universe of your poetic words and it was amazing.

    Well, believe it or not – I too, have done frank’s challenge. Please do stop by for a good laugh at the ‘IF’ challenge on mine. πŸ™‚

  6. Thank you for such a sweet “send off”into my own soon to be Dreamland, Merril.
    The birth of moons, kisses in clouds of fire (ooh, passion!) and singing with stars all will inspire my romantic flights of fancy.

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