February Birthday Roses: Haibun

A memory. His birthday falls over the long Presidents Day weekend. We wander through greenhouses where orchids and roses bloom, scenting the air with summer perfume. We stroll about the gardens without jackets, enjoying the taste of spring. The next day it snows.


February moon

hovers with uncertainty–

mist turns to snowflakes


This year, the morning sun gleams on the bare and budding branches. Birds flock, seeking sustenance, as the skies grow cloudy, and in the evening white flakes drift down to cover the emerging green sprouts. We wrap ourselves in blankets, eat birthday cake, and laugh.


Hands together grasp

wine and roses, youth and age

following the heart


At Longwood Gardens, February 2011.

Sunny Day; snow at night. February 17-18, 2018.


I’ve combined challenges for this Haibun: Frank’s hazy moon challenge from last week, his current rose/Presidents’ Day challenge, and Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday challenge.   The words we’re supposed to use synonyms for are character and affection. I don’t know if it’s correct to use both a haiku and senryu in one piece, but I did.






31 thoughts on “February Birthday Roses: Haibun

  1. A wonderful piece, Merril. Some publications, such as Modern Haiku and The HSA’s Frogpond don’t distinguish between haiku and senryu anymore. Therefore, Your Haibun can contain both without a problem.

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  3. I’m about an hour and change from Longwood Gardens 🙂
    We had a bunch of Birthdays in Feb… now though only a few left…

    We also had similar weather… I wrote about that for my entry:
    present blooms?

    Happy Birthdays to you and yours.

    As for creating new poetic forms…break the rules! I still get stuck on the definition an let other people tell me what I’ve written. 😀

    Hugs, Jules

  4. I loved how you intertwined memories in your Haibun, Merril. I felt like I was there and could smell the roses. The addition of snow really made me want spring. Gorgeous! ❤

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