Gusts and Buds: Haibun

On the day of the nor’easter, I finish reviewing the page proofs of my book. The sun comes out. I ponder new projects, while watching birds perch and peck at the feeder hanging at our kitchen window—finches with their red feather patches demonstrate the feeder’s pecking order. A tufted titmouse, nuthatches, and even a woodpecker fly in for a snack. Robins congregate in the street, discussing the weather and current events before flying up to a tree to chatter at the squirrels. The days grow longer, and despite the wind and snow, the daffodils are rising from the ground. They are not deterred by icy gusts. Momentary setbacks. They know spring is coming. So do I. I simply have to get through the next snowstorm—it’s coming, too.


March’s lion roars,

frost-breath lays a filigree—

budding branches bide



We’re supposed to get another nor’easter tonight into tomorrow with several inches of snow expected.

I was writing this for

Frank’s Haikai Challenge #23—Spring Gust

But then I saw Victoria’s  prompt for Haibun Monday: tree buds.







39 thoughts on “Gusts and Buds: Haibun

  1. Sister Jean and I were sitting on the lanai watching the ducks and geese as she recited the names of birds you cite here. She is most happy to have missed two snowstorms.

    Yes, “If winter comes, can spring be far behind.”

    • Thank you very much, Björn.
      You are much farther north, so daylight coming must be extra special. But even here, I’m usually up before the sun, and I love to see the sunrise.

  2. The pecking order and the action at the bird feeders outside my window always amaze me. When the weather gets nice, I bundle up and sit in a chair outside at the edge of the woods – once they forget about me, the whole woods comes alive – the crows, squirrels, songbirds, hawks – it’s so fun to see the “community”… it really does have action and interchanges!

  3. Your “frost breath laying a filigree” was an amazing part of your poem today. I like that the resilience of plants represent hope and portent of what is coming, despite the Nor’ easter winds and brittle cold! Brrr-r!
    Take care and playing catch up.
    ps. Sadly, my company is changing our days of the week and hours to four ten’s. I am sad to also say we must choose: Sun – Wed or Wed – Sat schedule. We have in the past ten years I have worked here only had 4-5 mandatory Sat or Sun shifts a year! My crying won’t change the choices and am at a pay scale and 3 weeks’ vacation level, I probably will have to stay. (FYI from me to my friend, you!) ❤️

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