Love Token

My husband leaves in the snow,

it’s light at first, but then it flows



in thick heavy flakes

without breaks

it covers the ground

like a great white lake,

or. . .perhaps, I think,  like thick frosting on a cake.

And so, I decide to bake him a treat,

his favorite cookies, not too sweet–

a love token from me to him—

not exactly a whim. . .

but ephemeral as tokens go–

not unlike this springtime snow.


Welsh Cookies


Grace asked us to write on love tokens for dVerse. 







48 thoughts on “Love Token

  1. Lovely poem, Merril, and I bet he enjoyed them! I like the idea that the snow inspired you to bake. There’s something about being snowed in that brings out the baker in us all, maybe.

  2. Oh this is so charming and romantic! I need to read this while living in a city as hard as Paris where people think love blossoms on every pair of lips locked. In reality, romance has long since absconded and lips are bared only for tutting while accompanying shoulder shrugs but I am glad to see you are keeping romance alive. Keep me a cookie too!!

    • Thank you, Damien. Isn’t Paris supposed to be the city of love? Ignore those tut-tutting naysayers with their raised eyebrows and shrugging shoulders. Romance is out there ready to swoop, I’m sure.
      I’m not sure if this is romance though. I think it’s more of an every day sort of caring and love. These are called Welsh cookies–more to have with your Irish tea than French wine. 😉

      • Call it caring, love or romance, the beauty is in the action.
        Tourists keep the city alive with romance as they come here as if it was where it was created but they rarely find it being held in French hands. Saint valentine skipped over the city very quickly but left a myth behind him in his wake.
        Don’t worry though, this hopeless romantic here will always be on the lookout 😊
        Oh, welsh cookies- delicious! Remember though the Irish take tea in their milk and not the other way around! With alcohol they just add more alcohol!

  3. Sounds like something I’d think of doing if the g’kids we’re heading my way. But I find there’s never much down time when the families are here; everything is scheduled. (Don’t get me started.) I’m not actually going to make them this time either as both Woody and I are off sugar. (Unless there’s not a lot of sugar?). I was mostly curious.

    That was not a very clear response, was it? C’est la vie.

    • Thank you very much, Robin. I think my husband enjoyed the surprise. He had a class to teach–a retirement job–he teaches part-time at a community college. The college closed for the afternoon, but he was already there, since he teaches in the morning. 🙂

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