Past and Future, Touched

“Remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see and wonder about what makes the universe exist. Be curious.”

–Stephen Hawking

she once had

a mortal body

long ago–

or was it?

Unbound by time, she’s unsure

drifting in moonlight. . .


and starlight

and in brightest sun–

it is all

part of her

and she of it. Wandering,

she touches your heart–


you feel it,

a shock, fear–and awe,

but also


for knowledge. Look at the stars–

time and space folding


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This is for dVerse. We were asked to write a shadorma with the prompt “phantom.” I’ve done a series of connecting shadorma stanzas.









31 thoughts on “Past and Future, Touched

  1. I remember as a child me and my brother talking about space and the stars wondering what was out there. We’d talk for hours ponding life on other planets. We always seem to end the conversation on how far you would have to go to the end of the universe. We decided that you would end up at a wall that would stop you traveling any further. We were happy with our explanation till we started wondering what was on our the other side of the wall. The mind is an amazing tool with the ability to devise, create, explore and analyse life, the planets and the stars. We sometimes have to remember that with science-fiction there is even more to discover with science fact. Enjoy pondering everyone.

    • Thank you for your comment and for sharing your memories. I am fascinated by time, and I do enjoy pondering. I can’t quite wrap my head around the birth of the universe–much like your what’s on the other side of the wall.

  2. Love the imagery of past and future, touching at points, stars, being folded into one illumined body, letting you and the whole of the universe know there is just one Being. Great Shadorma, Merril!

  3. Thank you for the reminder to look at the stars, Merril. Sometimes when I get up in the middle of the night, I walk outside for a minute or two and squint at the glorious heavens.

    Note: I remember using the phrase “shock and awe” somewhere in my memoir manuscript.

  4. A wondrous view of all parts of the universe, human emotions and celestial existence intermingling, Merril.
    When I heard the news~ I had a moment where I was happy for Stephen Hawking cavorting with the stars and actually “knowing” whether his theories came true! ✨

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