Spring is Buried–Haibun

Spring is buried now

tender buds sway in the wind—

sun hides behind clouds

Today, the vernal equinox, snow dances lightly in the air, turning to large, white flakes that cover the grass and cars. Soon, sleet pounds against the windows. The wind blows in angry gusts—winter rages at having to let spring back into the world.  I think of how tomorrow children will wake to a silent world of white. They will happily build snowmen and make snow angels, while the daffodils and tulips wait for the sun to return, and for the snow to melt to nourish their roots.

Soon, I think, soon. . .


Persephone comes

skipping from the underworld—

the light lingers now








This haibun is for Frank’s haikai challenge. He asks us to write about the spring equinox. This is also for Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday Challenge, using synonyms for joy and fury.

We may get a foot of snow tomorrow.



36 thoughts on “Spring is Buried–Haibun

  1. In my twenties and thirties, I was steadfast in refusing to recognize that my birthday occurs during the winter, even if it is in March. That’s how much I hated the weather. Driving/working in it had a lot to do with that. The light finally came on in my forties. Even then I would tell myself it’s not winter, it’s March. I’m definitely over it now, but then I’m not working in it. As for winter itself, I hold my breath when I visit Western New York between Thanksgiving and Easter. I still hate driving in a winter storm.

    • Even in S. Jersey we probably have cold weather and possibly snow every year in March, but this year we had the warm days in February and then all these storms. But the amount of snow we’re supposed to get tomorrow is a lot for us.

  2. Yes. I’m buried deep in your haiku, feeling the fury of late-stage winter as it covers our shivering spring bulbs. I suppose we’ll feel that much more joy when the snow stops and the birds sing again. (I think it’s snowing in your place now, and it will start here later this afternoon. We’ll have shared snowflakes, Merril!) 🙂

    • Thank you, Pam. Yes, I like the changing seasons, and we do appreciate spring so much more after winter! The snow is starting to pick up here, so I guess you’ll get it later. I’ll tell the flakes to say, “hi.” 🙂

  3. Love your Haibun, Merril. Did you get a foot of snow? You guys have sure been hammered on the east coast this year. WOW! ❤

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  6. Yes, we did get that foot of snow didn’t we.
    Thankfully we just had a dense fog warning this morning!
    I like how you included Persephone.

    Hopefully there will be warmer weather by the end of the week for all of the celebrations 🙂

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