Soul Dance

My soul aches and almost breaks

the news of guns, the murderous fun–

what does it take

to awaken them

the ones who kill

the ones who rape?


In dreams at night, my soul flies light

across the seas, across the sky–

What does it take

to keep awake

for hopes to soar

for dreams to roar?


A flower blooms, the morning sky,

my soul enchanted, I might cry–

there is love and beauty—and so why?

what does it take

for them to awake

before we’re gone, before too late?


So, dance me Soul

from here to there

from sun to moon

to stellar tunes–

and as I prance,

maybe they’ll dance

and then—perhaps–we’ll have a chance.


National Park, NJ
March 21, 2018











This is for dVerse. Paul asked us to write “a soulful poem, a soul gazing haibun, a soul-filled sonnet. . .”

It is also World Poetry Day.








33 thoughts on “Soul Dance

  1. A Mother’s Love
    A Father’s Love
    A Family’s Love
    A Village Love
    Tolerance Acceptance
    Social Roles Full of Purpose
    And Meaning Sacred and Holy
    Reverence For aLL oF LiFEXiSTenCE ToGeTHeR oNE wHeRE
    Lions Stand TaLL HuGGinG A LamB iN Each oTHeR MoRE
    NoW HoLDinG
    FeaRLeSS LoVinG
    WiTH No ReSTRainTS
    BeFoRE Any Apple oF Lie Took This Away
    SHiNES FReED NaKeD Furry clothed no longer with lies.
    Are Souls.

  2. This was a soulful and touching poem which felt like a song, Merril. It held lovely hope of peace and killings’ endings. I felt the rhythm building into a crescendo: the dramatic “chance.” Let’s wish for this!

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