Spring Magic: Tanka Tuesday

She dreams of springtime

sunshine kissing seeds and buds,

a season of hope

ensorcells her once again

to drift with cherry blossoms



John William Waterhouse, “Windswept,” [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

This is for Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday—using synonyms of charm and time.

32 thoughts on “Spring Magic: Tanka Tuesday

  1. Like for Colleen, the word “ensorcell” stood out. I remember looking it up before but had to look it up again. Perhaps you’ve used it in an earlier poem. Now I’ll remember it: ensorcell = root word, sorcery.

    Just a guess, but I think the artist may be pre-Raphaelite, a school of art appealing to me. You hit all the right notes here Merril!

    • Thank you very much, Marian. I have used the word before.
      Yes, John William Waterhouse did embrace the pre-Raphaelite style, though I think he was born a bit later. I know I’ve used this painting before, too.

  2. How – ENCHANTING! I had to look it up (I’m just now reading the comments of others). I have a pretty good vocabulary, but never knew this word. And now I can’t wait to use it sometime. Gorgeous poem, Merril.

  3. ensorcells ….oh, new word!
    I just listened to a radio segment that said a new trend for eyebrows was to dye them green and glue flower in them… I think I’ll pass on that. 😉

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