Dancing Dreams: Tanaga

Chiliads of dazzling dreams

dart and dash with lightning gleams,

fly from souls in darkest night

join in dance until the light.


Circling, soaring they fly high

(you might see them in the sky)

there–around the humming moon—

they waltz. . .but are gone too soon.


Frank has asked us to write a tanaga for dVerse. 



49 thoughts on “Dancing Dreams: Tanaga

    • Thank you very much, Frank. Yes, I’m not sure if I believe in souls, but I guess part of me must because it comes out in poetry. And if they do exist–then I guess they might dance. 🙂

  1. This is the first time I have read the word ‘chiliads’ in a poem and it works wonderfully in the opening line, Merril! I also like the alliteration of ‘dazzling dreams’ and ‘dart and dash’, which enhances the rhythm of your tanaga, as do the rhyming couplets. My favourite image is ‘the humming moon’. 🙂

  2. This was so magical in your depiction of souls dancing and their darting and dashing with “lightning gleams.” What a remarkable vision encompassing the rhyme with “dreams” effortlessly​, Merril!

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