The Magical Spring Night, NaPoWriMo, Day 8


or more

(perhaps a dream that’s come before)

in the silver-glimmered light

the owl soared—

flash of white–

her cry echoing


in the night,

waking the sleeping to the tune

of the luminous, waxing, humming moon—


and so, they prance, dance–

as if in a trance

(or maybe not)

they mark their spots,

perhaps a play

to keep the evil ones at bay

like foxes against the hounds–

they stand their ground


Final stand?




the sounds

the susurrus of this enchanted ground

magic swirls,

unfurls in unsuspected streams–

unless seen within a dream–

but in the rose-tipped dawn

the golden fawns gambol

on a world pristine,



reborn newly green.











I liked today’s NaNoWriMo prompt—to “write poems in which mysterious and magical things occur.”






41 thoughts on “The Magical Spring Night, NaPoWriMo, Day 8

  1. This was lovely and captivating! I could picture each nature’s call and brave “stand” of foxes against the hounds.
    Those gamboling golden fawns are sweet in both their poetic depiction and the pretty art displayed. It isn’t Marc Chagall, is it? 🙂

  2. Just now I returned from inspecting the newly planted grapefruit tree and was treated to this: “reborn newly green.” I agree, you get extra points for using “sussurus.”

    Mystery and magic work for me too!

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