The Chairs–NaPoWriMo, Day 15

Oh, those chairs,

upon the deck

drunk on sun-glow–

a tableau



but, false like the deceiving day,

that turns from summer warmth to winter cold.


these chairs,

to us, reveal their tom-catting ways

as they scamper and dance

with the wind they embrace

turning face to face

and then apart

until—well, we’re startled

it’s too much to watch—

this shameless farce after the calm of yesterday

cart them off

(we all say)

and so, they’re captured



against the wind

and into the garage they go

to stay for long, forever,


until. . . another sunny day.











Here’s a bit of silliness for Day 15, NaPoWriMo.  I was in Cape May, NJ, yesterday, an overnight trip with friends. One friend challenged me to write a poem about the chairs we were watching blowing about on the deck this morning. It’s possible there will be more about the trip tomorrow. 😉








18 thoughts on “The Chairs–NaPoWriMo, Day 15

  1. Ah, never challenge a poet to write about something, no matter how improbable; we cannot turn it down. You created a beautiful picture that made me smile and then I scrolled down to the pictures – nice! Love the farce of yesterday’s calm.

  2. I love frivolity and joyous abandon, Merril! On Saturday, I savored and soaked in the warmth of the sun. I definitely endured the crazy pummeling of the rainy, forceful wind today. Of course, today was a dressy day, a baby shower and I had purchased a spring dress for the occasion. 💮
    (Counterpoint postscript: I dislike wet nylons!! Yuck!)

    • Thanks so much, Robin. Saturday was beautiful here and at “the Shore,” but Sunday was not. 🙂 We got the pummeling rain and wind here overnight and this morning.
      It is not fun to go out in nasty weather when you’re dressed-up, but I’m sure the baby shower was lots of fun.
      I can’t remember the last time I wore nylons, but I agree it is an icky feeling. 🙂

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