Once We Were Wild

Once your ancestors roamed desert lands

stalking and hunting.

Once my ancestors also roamed

hunting and foraging for food,

till we learned to plant, and sowed

our seeds into fields and generations into towns

where your ancestors chose to live with mine.

Now, we are wild only in our dreams–

you are content to purr and sleep on my lap,

and I am content to let you be there.








This for dVerse, where Jilly asked us to write about being wild.

36 thoughts on “Once We Were Wild

  1. Love the poem! Especially the somewhat disturbing notion of “sowing our generations into towns” … it’s true, fewer and fewer of us live out-there anymore. I will read this to my little wild-at-heart ginger cat!

  2. Isn’t wonder how they (the ones the Egyptians once worshipped) have domesticated us, teaching us how to feed and care for them as faithful servants to those who purr?

  3. My cat Harvey likes this, but he also insists he can take us, and that if I didn’t move for three days he will. πŸ€” I love this , knowing our dreams count more than the rest of it. Thanks!

  4. lovely – and amazingly synchronistic in that I just this moment commented on someone’s post who excerpted a few passages from her novel set in pre-historic times –

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