Muddle my mind

with syllables that sing

the zing of spring.

(Fevered believer.)

Befuddle me with blackholes and space–

see the moon’s humming face,

timeless, timebound,

her fullness, lost and found.

There the dying star

glowing from afar,

it’s unmuddled light,

clear, still bright.

Morning Moon








A quadrille for dVerse, where De Jackson (aka Whimsy Gizmo) has asked us to use the word muddle.





52 thoughts on “Muddled–Quadrille

  1. your syllables certainly sing. Daydream believer coming through here and loved the lines “befuddle me with blackholes and space–” – absolutely!

  2. Oh gosh I love this especially; “Befuddle me with blackholes and space– see the moon’s humming face.” 💜💜

  3. syllables that sing….
    befuddled by black holes and things beyond my understanding….seeing the moon’s humming face…the stars……somehow looking up into the sky at night can unmuddle me 🙂 Ah your post has me thinking! 🙂

  4. So good. I’m always amazed at how much fits into a scant 44 words. Transported by this verse up into the spring sky. I so like how you’ve shown us the opposites: the moon – timeless yet bound; the star, dying yet un-muddled – and the lovely play in the last line. Bravo.

  5. I love ‘the zing of spring’, Merril, and your exploration of ‘the moon’s humming face’ and the dying star
    ‘glowing from afar,
    its unmuddled light,
    clear, still bright’
    all in a 44-word Quadrille!

  6. The moon has been very bright, I saw a brilliant half moon one morning. I liked the sound of the words you chose, Merril.
    “Muddle” and “befuddle” seemed to make it lighter in the sense of my impressions​.

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