We Laughed Till We Cried: Haibun

My sisters and I help my mother try on new clothes on Mother’s Day. She has trouble getting up and sitting down, and she can no longer see very well. All of us, including my mom, laugh so hard at the maneuvering and manipulation of her body parts in and out of sleeves that we cry. Our tears fall lightly like the spring rain dampening this day. Our giggles create a euphonious sound, a rainbow of multi-colored tones that arc across the small room. I tuck this moment into the folder in my mind labeled “Mom Memories.”


fledglings cry for food

spring to summer, then they fly–

stormy skies soon clear

Carroll Sargent Tyson, Jr.
From the portfolio Twenty Birds of Mt. Desert Island
Philadelphia Museum of Art













Xenia Tran who is the guest host for Haibun Monday at dVerse asks us to write about compassion or self-sacrifice without using the words.

I’m also linking to Frank’s Haikai challenge, Spring Rain









35 thoughts on “We Laughed Till We Cried: Haibun

  1. This one is so poignant. That you are folding away memories, aware of the short time left. I didn’t have time to do that for either of my parents they died so suddenly, and I don’t know if that’s good or bad.

  2. I think that is what a good deal of my poetry is… that eventually my family may or may not read BoTS….based on a true story… memories.
    I have an elder neighbor who has become a good friend. …about the same age as what my FIL could have been if still around. I’ve unofficially adopted him… (as has another neighbor – as he has no children and no family in town).

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  4. Fledgling kingfishers only depend on their mother for one season into another season.
    It is amazing how this is true. Birds manage to become independent and yet, adopt the same flight patterns and place to hatch the next generation.
    I enjoyed this lovely haibun which does express true giving from mother bird to her little ones, Merril.
    This was a sweet painting which resembles Audubon’s art. I’m glad to know it is from the Philadelphia Art Museum.

  5. I actually got on the phone and wrote about your warmth and loving laughter with your sisters and Mom on the other post. . . I have been known to lose my place in a book, too. 😊

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