Oak Tree: Tanka

Palm tree swings and sways,

oak does a stately Sarabande–

no hip hop for her,

she watches the squirrels caper,

pass skills through generations











I’m having a bit of fun. This is for Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday using synonyms for dignity and success. I’m riffing on Jane’s poem for the same prompt and our comments.






16 thoughts on “Oak Tree: Tanka

  1. What an original perspective – the different dances by different trees. Love it! The hemlock in front of my window, waltzes.
    And another neat thought – yes, these aged and wise trees watch generation after generation of squirrels. ❤

  2. I like seeing personification in trees, too. The stately oak should have to do a different dance style from the bendable palms! So fun!
    I liked how you mentioned the palm trees’ style as more carefree and loose. Hip hop is fitting. (I could hear Calypso style with Harry Belafonte singing, too.)

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