A Break in the Rain

Monday Morning Musings:

It seems to rain from moon to sun

rain over and over, never done

and then a break, till it thunders

again and again.

I feel lethargic and dull








and it’s hard to mull

over this or that—

the people who insist the world is flat,

or guns don’t kill, people do,

except there are more dead kids shot through,

and it seems we will never cease

with hate and violence, the human disease.


But in the midst of death we see the love—

yes, pomp and circumstance, uniforms and gloves,

the fascinators, and the meters-long train

(and the sun-filled day with no hint of rain).

It’s storybook fantasy, mixed with Stand By Me,

gospel choir amid the history and pageantry,

but these two appear so much in love,

and if it helps, gets us thinking of

better things, well, I can take a break

in the coverage of hate, it’s not a mistake

to celebrate love, or a wedding day—

a bit of color amidst the world’s gloomy grey.


Still–spring insists on being seen

and here, the world is turning green,
















though I don winter clothes because it’s turned cold

and we go through rain, to visit

friends of old.

We eat Chinese food, laugh, talk over the meal

how we can’t understand the hypocrisy of those who feel

the man in the White House is okay

when they were upset at bare arms and a tan suit,

birthers and ape images, just try to dispute

there’s no racism there,

some very fine people on both sides–but I’d beware.


The next day, the clouds break and the temperatures soar,

everyone wants to get out of doors,

I see a hawk atop a weathervane,

Hawk atop a weathervane at Carpenter’s Hall, Philadelphia











perhaps she’s trying to ascertain

the state of this territory, her domain,

which no doubt is full of tasty things

grown and born in rain and light of spring.

We walk city streets, where life beats

A flirty car











in harmony and patterns, under the blue sky

and birds sing and fly,

and there is so much green and flowers in bloom

filling the air with their perfume,

May in Old City Philadelphia



























and it is a relief from gloom and rain,

though I know people are in pain

and children are dead, and women are raped

and the world is shaped

by guns, disease, and violence

and we must break the silence—

but for today, just let me feel the sun and say

nothing but “see the hawk there”

and smell the roses over there.

We see a movie about motherhood and coping

with a newborn and others and life,

sometimes mom’s need an extra wife

or helping hands and people to truly see

beyond the façade, the hyperbole

of motherhood’s joys to the cries and sleepless nights

the clutter and exhaustion—along with the delights.

We drink coffee, walk and talk some more

then it’s home to feed the cats, take care of chores.

At Customs Coffee House, Philadelphia












In the night, my mind wanders and roams

far from home

(Macbeth has murdered sleep)

But in my dreams, I hear the chirps and cheeps,

As the mockingbird sings through the night

and we are fine, it’s all right,


the dawn comes with bird choir and radiant light.







We saw the movie Tully, which we both thought was excellent, but I don’t want to give anything away. I’ve seen it described as a comedy. At least not in the modern sense.

I’m reading Jo Nesbrø’s take on Macbeth, set in a Glasgow-like city in the 1970s.

Sorry about the weird formatting and gaps. WP gremlins are still hanging about.






17 thoughts on “A Break in the Rain

  1. Wow. I am amazed about how quickly you respond to and capture beautifully in words what so many of us are thinking and feeling… about gun violence… and the beauty and loving spirit of the recent royal wedding… and rainy days… and nature blooming and perching and singing all around us — seemingly oblivious to our human disease of “hate and violence.” Thank you for your poetry and wisdom and photographs!!!

    • Thank you so much, Will. That is a lovely comment. I almost always write these Monday Morning Musings on Monday mornings in an hour or two, so I’m always pleased when they work out and resonate with people. Thank you for reading and commenting!

  2. “It’s storybook fantasy mixed with Stand By Me.” OH my yes. And what a glorious respite it provided, on so many levels. I was able to watch the whole thing through Saturday afternoon thanks to BBC and PBS.

  3. It struck me that you so often write of “we,” and it’s so charming and warm that you have this we-dom that does fun stuff and eats fun food, etc. I love it.

    • Aww–thanks so much, Luanne.
      I guess in my more formal poetry, it’s more often I or she/he, but the musings usually involve things I’ve done, and it’s usually with my husband or others, too. I’m glad it strikes you as charming and warm. 🙂

  4. This is lovely Merril thank you – reminds me that a thing of beauty, for example, the rose, has thorns … like life. Life is bounteous with its valleys and ravines …

  5. Love the spring images and flirty car. Your musings are once again such a mix of life, death, and everything in between. I love the way you balance them, the hate and the love, and bring us the beauty in the midst of those contrary things. Yes, those two do seem so much in love (and that sermon about love was wonderful!). I wish we could leave the haters to themselves, but I suppose that’s part of the balance of life too.

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