The Dreams that Dance

His thoughts                            And prayers

were broken-winged               she thought, meaningless things

never soaring                          sometimes boring, never driving

far                                            to the stars, where she longed to go,

but earth-tethered                     unfeathered, she remained

he stayed, staid,                       while she longed for blazing rays,

only in night’s dreamscape wandering high      to dance together in the sky









A contrapuntal poem for dVerse, where Paul is tending the bar. My poem is three separate poems.



33 thoughts on “The Dreams that Dance

  1. So well done! You’ve managed the three “melody lines” quite well. My favorite is reading it across, as one entire poem. She yearns…..he is more tethered and thus so is she, except in her dreamscape where her love for him is so strong, that she still sees the two of them dancing in the stars. I enjoyed this one a lot!

  2. I’ve worked with this type of poem before myself, but not too much, and I’ve read many others. I always wonder the process that others go through. Do you remember your process? Can you share it?

    • I’ve written some in this form before that seemed so difficult to write, but will you hate me if I say this one pretty much wrote itself–and quickly. (Perhaps that shows.) But I saw the phrase “thoughts and prayers,” and I envisioned someone saying it, and then someone else saying do something instead, and then it all went from there. So that was the “process.” 🙂 Of course, I went back and changed words after I got the first draft down.

  3. I like the shape of this contrapuntal poem, Merril, especially the space in between, which adds to the meaning – the distance between his thoughts and her thoughts, him and her, and the way they come together in the final line. I love the seamless join and the individual poems; the juxtaposition of earth-tethered and unfeathered; and the wordplay with ‘stayed/staid’. ‘Broken-winged prayers – beautiful! 🙂

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