Echoes of Sounds and Silence, Haibun

I hear a poet on the radio today and learn that one definition of clamor is silence. It’s a word with opposite meanings—meaning loud, insistent noise and silence both. My mind, too, seems full of opposing thoughts, but it’s never truly silent, even in my sleep. Ideas, voices, songs, bits of this and that spin around non-stop within my brain, clamoring for attention, moving at high speed like race cars speeding around a track. Or, like meandering streams or comets that leave a fiery trail before vanishing in space–the poems that die unborn. They are all the birds in the dawn chorus and the night’s humming moon. They ebb and flow like the tide. I can stop and focus on one or more, if I choose. Sometimes I don’t choose.


birdsong wakes the day

growing with summer sunlight,

echoing in dreams








This is for dVerse, where Frank has asked us to write a Haibun Monday poem on “silent sounds,” “all those thoughts and chatter that go through our minds. . .”










23 thoughts on “Echoes of Sounds and Silence, Haibun

  1. I don’t know which is more distracting- all the chatter in my mind, or when I finally send my thoughts off with the birds and listen to the clamor of silence. The most frightening of these thoughts is the idea of letting any of our poems or stories fly away and die. That thought can give me nightmares. 😱

    • See, I don’t think I ever have total silence. There is distracting chatter, and then there’s background stuff in my brain.
      I dream poems in my sleep all the time that I don’t remember the next day, so I’m used to it. But a nightmare poem would be a good story. You’re welcome, Pam. 😉

  2. I love your ‘humming moon’ and how birdsong echoes in your dreams – the haiku and photograph are beautiful together 🙂💜 xxx

  3. Interesting twist on “clamor” – takes a poet to dust off and polish obscure usages! Could you share who you were listening to? I love this haiku … in my yard the bird echos are not dreams, but toads! All night long. Silence is the dream.

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