The Escape

Today the peacocks ran away–

waiting till the rain had ceased

and the sun released

from clouded sky.

They gazed

up at a rainbow,


a sign to fly.

Ostentation at the brink

of an avian adventure,

they wandered

up the road

to somewhere new,

beyond the zoo.


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I read today that four peacocks wandered away from the Philadelphia Zoo. Apparently, they do this sometimes, but they decided to explore the Schuylkill Expressway, and now one has been found dead.

A group of peacocks is sometimes called an ostentation.

I’ve used Secret Keeper’s Challenge Words: BRINK | WALK | GAZE | SKY | ROAD

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44 thoughts on “The Escape

  1. I was excited for their adventure until I read your sad note in the post ~ I want to believe that some creatures in the zoo want to escape from their walls ~

    • Thank you, Grace. From what I read, it sounds like the peacocks can leave fairly easily and have done so before. It’s just that they traveled to a very busy highway. I hope the others are OK.

  2. Oh, those poor peacocks, making a break for it only for one to die on the road.I like the way you played with the word ‘ostentation’, Merril, and the jauntiness of the rhyme in the lines.
    ‘waiting till the rain had ceased
    and the sun released
    from clouded sky’
    It seemed so hopeful ‘at the brink / of an avian adventure’, Did the other three survive?

  3. The juxtaposition of Escape and Adventure with the reality is a great analogy of the human experience. (We have lots of wild peacocks here in Orlando and they behave like chickens, hanging out in front yards.)

      • Rich people brought them in to decorate their estates a couple hundred years ago. They have flourished and are protected in many cities here. Where I grew up in Michigan, they destroyed crops and the roofs of house, so the farmers weren’t especially fond of them. Mostly, they are really reliable and effective alarm clocks at dawn 🙂

  4. I’ve had an attraction to peacocks since I was five and got a peacock feather off the ground at a Florida zoo. I kept it tucked into my dresser mirror frame until it disintegrated. I trust you will keep us posted on the remaining three. They are certainly welcome to wander up here.

  5. The escape plan sounded like such fun, Merril!
    I am sad for the group who remain. Since I was once a county teacher, saw chickens and hens in the road often. Once two domestic pheasants were close to the road. I honked and stopped, attempting to “shoo” them away from danger. On my way home, alas! I saw a bereft pheasant pacing back and forth, while the one who was killed was lying in the rock laden berm. I actually cried!

      • Oh, that is a relief! Hopefully, they may just stay content where they can wander the zoo grounds. At least it has gardens and some cool places to hang out. . . 🌺🌞

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