Seeking the Words

I seek the words

to have them drop,

tumble, and

from a jumble

on the page,

rearrange, engage

the reader

with their wit,

flit and sway

to lay

and fall in time

(perfect metered rhyme?).

But. . .I don’t know,

the words come,

and then they go,

in a trickle or a flow,

like geese taking off in flight

no hesitation, wings spread, sail

toward the light,

one and then the next

absent of any pretext


I seek the words–

and sometimes they come—not flying, but

slithering and sliding from a dream,

onto a scrap of paper or my computer screen.


This is for the dVerse Open Link night–or in my case, open link morning after. I woke with a poem in my head, but I couldn’t quite recapture it. I did manage to get in a line with geese. 🙂

Cooper River Park, NJ



30 thoughts on “Seeking the Words

  1. You always writer in poetic form exactly how I feel. And this poem is a perfect example. The words come in a jumble, sometimes fast, sometimes slow, I know not where they want to go, but then I stop and read the page and wonder when I became such a sage. 🙂

  2. I’m so pleased you have tumbling words and geese in this ‘wake-up poem’, Merril! The rhymes make it whimsical and dreamlike. Definitely a poem for poets!

  3. Oh those sly, mischievous words, we can’t ever pin them down… but they do bring us joy with their constant frolicking. Love the tumbling rhyme in this poem—and the gratitude at the end.

  4. Words don’t really matter… whether they are plain or sophisticated… as long as they touch the heart and relate to the inner most light of one’s soul.. it’s truly enough 💜 Loved your poem 😊

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