Poetry Joy–Magnetic Poetry

Poetry joy is open—

come dance!

Voices color a universe

with words breathing perfume

and bleeding.

Celebrate and linger–

remembering when, yet, and

always after. . .

in blue clouds of time



The Oracle gave me this bit of joy today. I think it means I should write poetry today and not bother with anything else.  🙂

18 thoughts on “Poetry Joy–Magnetic Poetry

  1. “Voices color a universe” resonated with me this Saturday morning!
    I am sighing with relief, going to the bank to follow up on lowering my car payments, latest offer mailed to me. . . I gave Advance Auto warehouse my two weeks notice. Hurray!
    A month ago put my strs into a Roth account, half to accumulate and half sent in monthly payments. My daughter’s financial planner set me up so that I can get a salary from her, a salary from the remainder of my retirement fund. . . Only 2 and half years until Medicaid so will work at a simple job early mornings to get health care. There’s my only reveal and I’m not really coming back to blog, just to visit! 💕 Have a wonderful weekend to you and yours.

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