Open the Star: Magnetic Poetry

Open the Star


A child, a girl, explores,

lingering with the red star.

(Open it.)

It will fool the dark cloud

and no one need live a life

bleeding, dirty, and sad.

But this then—

you must listen to

voices throb in ocean rhythms,

secrets of time and universe make magic.

Go and wake.

Let your heart breeze

with peace.



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A bit of surrealism? A myth from the Oracle?

15 thoughts on “Open the Star: Magnetic Poetry

  1. A star opened, sending iron and every heavy element across the emptiness, a galaxy of electrons were pulled into a stream together to hold the daughters of the star sculpted now into tiny words and letters and phonemes into a dance of hopeful dignity right there on Merril’s fridge to make her smile or even weep as she reaches for the greens which are also a good use of iron. Magical indeed! Need to go get me some of those ⭐️

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