Monday Morning Musings:

“Falling slowly, sing your melody

I’ll sing it loud”

From “Falling Slowly,” Once,

Music and lyrics by Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová

Once. . . I woke in darkness. Then the sun rose golden through rose-tinged clouds. The air was cool but clear. The world shifted and tilted. Dreams rose from the misted woods.

morning moon whispered

softly, praise touched red-gold leaves

geese honked overhead

Morning Moon

If you look carefully, there’s the morning moon.

chevron rises up

earth cycles, river to land,

the tide ebbs and flows

Geese at Red Bank Battlefield Park, NJ

We take a train into the city. We walk over sun-bright cobblestones, passing tourists who stroll and chat in a variety of languages. We wait on corners as wide city buses try to turn onto narrow streets. We enter a theater. Seats surround a center stage area covered with Oriental rugs. Musicians are playing Irish songs of the past and present. I bop in my seat to “Brown Eyed Girl” and tap my feet to a jig. Last call for the bar. The lights go down, and magic begins.

man meets a woman

music flows, drifts from their souls,

they’re falling slowly


together in tune

Dublin days strummed in rhythm–

piano echoes


musicians rebound

music from aisles and walkways

crowd smiles and applauds

We walk and talk. Watch the lowering sun shine through cloud-dappled sky. Red bricks glow. In Washington Square, a young girl whispers her secrets to a tree. Does it answer?

music of nature

city sounds form the chorus

we dine al fresco

Again. . .

We dine al fresco

wine and pizza in sunshine

a dog rests in joy

Nightfall comes too soon,

moon rises to hum goodnight—

cats slumber and dream


Sleeping Cat

Once. . .September was full of rain. The world was full of anger and sorrow and lies. But once, September ended in a perfect weekend of sunny days and cooler nights–falling slowly into October.


We saw the  musical Once at the Arden Theatre Company in Philadelphia. It was a performance full of warmth and spirit, wonderfully staged. Here they are rehearsing “Falling Slowly.











26 thoughts on “Once

  1. ‘The world shifted and tilted’ … love this line in a very ‘atmospheric’ opening. Also enjoyed the ‘falling’ cats and great shot of the geese near the treetops.

  2. You must be getting more steps on your Fitbit as you fall “slowing into October.” 🙂

    Weekends full of theatre and good food evidently are all it takes to recharge your batteries. Great post, Merril!

  3. Nice catch with the geese photo.
    It sounds like you had a very refreshing weekend.
    “Once. . . I woke in darkness. Then the sun rose golden” Sometimes that transition from September to October seems like throwing a switch, doesn’t it?

  4. Glen Hansard is just amazing in concert…I was lucky enough to see him several years ago. We do need to shed the rain clouds and forge ahead in the sun as best we can. A good way to start October. (K)

  5. I enjoyed the way you wrote such a lyrical post full of evocative lines, Merril.
    I love the “Brown-eyed Girl” song!
    The photos seem to be very well suited to the musings’ flow.
    The use of Once and the seasonal change from a rainy September to a new October was a special ending.

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