Circles, Cycles, and Loops: Monday Morning Musings

Monday Morning Musings:

In the movie

the men go back

to where they were boys


in a cult, a camp

where birds fly strangely

as they tramp


through the woods

and things are the same,

or perhaps they’re not,


fraught with pain

answers to questions

gained, or unknowable–


lives lived in loops,

moving in phases like

the moon—

FullSizeRender 415

Morning Moon

or moons–

one, two, three–

watch and see.


Circles and cycles

nature, each life,

day following night


light of summer

dimming in fall

all the seasons


and the years

painted over,

scraped away


traces left, secrets

uncovered in time,

pentimento of Earth.


Once giant creatures

roamed here

a shallow sea

Delaware River from Red Bank Battlefield

leaving traces in the sand

a mosasaur

and ancient clams,


but now the geese fly

from humming moon

to dawn’s fog-scumbled river

the little deer grows older,

has children of her own

the cycle continues–


and we cycle through the city

once a place of forests and rivers

where indigenous people hunted,


fished, and gathered,

following the seasons

migrating with the wildlife


until newcomers came

with diseases, death to old

and a new nation created


And now—

another cycle,

we wait to see if all


will fall,

calendars and lies

those willing to abide


with corruption

and destruction of truth

when all could gain.


And so, we pedal

endlessly in a loop

looking for a break


finding joy

with loved ones

food and drink

hoping we haven’t

reached the brink


But that we can circle


begin again–


this time



As summer blossoms fade

and autumn’s golden leaves fall,

we’ll soon brace for winter’s chill


Part of the scarecrow display outside of the West Deptford Public Library

and wait

for the promise of spring

awakening again.

Dock Creek, Philadelphia Merril D. Smith 2018

Dock Creek with Carpenter’s Hall in the background.


We watch the movie The Endless on Netflix. Trailer here.  It’s a quirky, indie film. We liked it–lots to talk about afterwards.

And we went on a Big Red Pedal Tour in Philadelphia.











24 thoughts on “Circles, Cycles, and Loops: Monday Morning Musings

  1. Good morning, Merril. 🙂 Yes to this:

    “this time


    That’s my hope, too. Beautiful musings, as always. You have such fun and full weekends. 🙂

  2. Good morning, Merril! I like all the photos, especially the ones from the POV of the steering wheel. Your lines reminded me of a memoir chapter “Circles, and Cyles, and Tubs,” which you may or may not remember. Your reflection and my chapter have very little in common except, of course, the cycles . . . and circles!

    • Hi Marian. I didn’t get this till afternoon. 🙂 I would probably remember your chapter, but not the title.
      I was thinking about you yesterday. There were some young men and women playing frisbee (I think) in the park in my town. The young women were wearing what look like the head coverings you wore, and they were wearing long dresses, too. I thought at first from a distance they were reenactors, but their dresses didn’t look like Revolutionary era.

  3. I’d hate to think it’s all for nothing, that all we’re destined to be is fossils puzzled over in the future (all though that last is most likely true).
    I’ve added “The Endless” to my queue for next weekend.

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