Time and Stars

Federico_Beltran_Masses_-_Under_the_Stars (2)

Federico Beltran Masses, “Under the Stars,” Wikipedia Commons


Time, haunting

in liquid rhythm

it explores

and devours,

though hearts open, listen to

stars sing cool fire–


voices like



brilliant and

warm—the universe laughing,

looking to from when


The Oracle gave me this double shadorma today.

Screen Shot 2018-10-13 at 9.02.09 AM

36 thoughts on “Time and Stars

  1. I came over to see if you’d posted. Outlook has gone weird again and shuffled some people out of ‘others’ into ‘priority’ and some (like you) out altogether!
    This is a very strange one. I find that painting strange too. At first sight it looks like dead bodies and a woman hanging onto a side of beef. The ‘hearts open’ and ‘devours’ in the first part are contrasted with the warm, caramel laughter in the second and it comes over as spooky. Maybe it’s just me…

  2. A plaintive song of the heart. at least you are all in synch at your house cats and all sharing the mood. It is as it is, just one day in a life. Great writing.

  3. This was a complete circular poem and so glad the Oracle presented this to you. I like the songs I can “hear” from your stars. I also like the idea of liquid rhythm for the couple to be connected in a romantic evening setting. The “cool fire” makes​ me wonder. . . always good to hear your words, Merril. 🌟

      • Yes of course I remember the tom-catting chairs! And all my chairs, sadly, are too well-behaved haha. I’ve been absent from everything for a bit…life has been Potato. But I missed reading everyone’s poetry so I came on back – and oh how I’ve missed it! I’m trying to kick myself into writing some more with the October poetry session.

        I’m still at http://shukuen.blogspot.com and definitely am going to come by more!

      • My chairs are well-behaved, too. (I think–actually, hmmmm. . .not sure about the ones outside.) Life has been Potato? Not sure what that means–mashed or fried? I don’t know about the October poetry session, but I’ll be over to visit a little bit later.

  4. Hee, let me introduce you to one of my favourite things to say when the day is going badly: POTATO! It sort of started when I began learning Finnish a year or so ago, and found out that the word for ‘potato’ is ‘peruna’, which sounds utterly spitty and spiteful when you say it out loud in exasperation. So I started calling everything infuriating ‘potato’, and whether the day is Mashed Potato or Fried Potato depends on how badly things go!

    If my chairs at work aren’t behaving, that probably explains why the dratted things keep going all wobbly…tom-catting chairs!

  5. The Oracle knows how to get us thinking. That last line particularly.
    I think the melancholy mood is just a reflection of the exhaustion of the world. When will we learn? (K)

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