Old Pine Street Church Graveyard, Philadelphia












she is,

haunting me

wearing her face

stepping silently

over the cobblestones,

to fill a void in the air

with an electrical charge—a

gleam, a shiver, that slight susurrus

of swirling air–sojourning spirit, stay


that I may look upon her face once more,

see her clothed in her favorite gown,

pretend that what is lost, was not.

But she moves into the mist,

dissolves and fades away.

My dreams vanish, too,


light is dimmed,

she is




I’ve channeled my inner nineteenth-century Gothic writer for this double etheree for Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday! We were to use synonyms for ghost and hollow.
























40 thoughts on “Eidolon

  1. I’ve spotted that good word “susurrus” which I put up there with “petrichor,” another word I’ve added to my vocabulary, thanks to you.

    You have successfully used the the eidolon form, but it strikes me as an example of technopaegnia, its visual aspect echoing meaning. Yes? No?

  2. Ooooooooooooooh that first part of it is just peeeeeerfect – I love the ‘wearing *her* face’, implying that maybe this apparition…might not be her after all.

  3. I enjoyed this almost short story expressed in an atmospheric poem, Merril. It shows old-fashioned longing or yearnings.
    I relate to this since I love graveyards and thinking about the people buried there. I had a photograph of a hoary frost on tombstones which does seem to raise spirits floating in the mist, long ago blog post. . .

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